ill.Gates is a San Francisco-based composer, performer and educator. Over the past 16 years, he has established a global fanbase and a reputation as one of the most dynamic electronic music artists around. He regularly tours across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Gates has headlined at such festivals as Burning Man, Shambhala, the World Electronic Music Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

His first full-length release, Autopirate (Muti Music, 2008) charted and continues to sell strongly. His groundbreaking triple album, The ill.Methodology and accompanying online course are highly received. Gates was recently selected as one of the Next 100 by URB Magazine.

Many of his contemporaries cite ill.Gates as a key artistic influence and inspiration in their music. While on tour, Gates frequently teaches workshops to grateful and attentive audiences, in which he shares his highly effective approach to producing quality finished music as well as insights into the mentality and strategies necessary to succeed in the music business.

ill.Gates appears on: Muti Music, Amorphous Music/Child’s Play/Om Records, Addictech, Noodles, Innerflight, Low Motion, Made In Glitch, Tube10 & Chi & Recordings.



NiT GriT


One frequent criticism of electronic music is that its synthetically generated sounds lack the capacity to induce the same level of emotion as live instrumentation. San Jose Dubstep producer NiT GRiT (Danny Beall) casts aside these doubts, shattering common misconceptions with his incredibly inspired and deeply personal sound. Feelings of rage, passion, betrayal, uncertainty, and other meaningful elements of the human experience are all distinctly present in the dark and brooding melodies woven from the very fabric of NiT GriT's imagination.

Completely unlike any other performance, NiT GriT appears on-stage as a living titan of bass, possessed as if infused with the colossal power of his own thunderous bass-lines. NiT GriT boldly demolishes genre norms, demonstrating beyond any doubt that even an often over-used formula can yield phenomenal results when imbued with deep personal honesty and a devout attention to the most minute details. His profound success as a self-built independent musician coupled with his heartfelt, soulful compositions serve as an inspiration to fans and fellow musicians alike. With nearly all of his tracks appearing almost instantaneously on SoundCloud's weekly "What's Hot" charts, NiT GriT has developed a reputation as an absolutely viral internet phenomenon. However, despite his rapid rise as a pioneer of the american Dubstep sound, NiT GriT remains a personal musical project, built from the ground up by the always- humble Danny Beall.





Known for their positive-loving vibe, Yellowstoned is a Psychedelic Reggae Dub-Hop Collective from Billings, MT. Shared the stage with The Movement, The Wailers, Jon Wayne & The Pain, Sol Seed, TAUK, & more!





Hannibal Hayes, aka Lecture, has been passionate about music since childhood excelling with instruments such as guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums led to many experimental sessions and a stint playing guitar in an instrumental metal band. After moving to Missoula, MT in the beginning of 2011 from the Bitterroot Valley, Lecture turned his passion toward producing electronic and hybrid hip-hop music. Since then, he has worked to carve out his own niche in the Northwest US music scene not only as Lecture, but as co-owner of Harvest Fusion Festival and founder of the Montana based record label Bitter Roots Recordings.

Lecture's original work mixes melodic hip hop influences with dub step, future bass, glitch, psychedelic and many other styles to bring a fresh sound that is both deep and high-energy. His personable and entertaining stage presence is a perfect complement to his live sets, which bring that same vibe and depth to the dance floor, with a hip-hoppy groove and grit that is sometimes dark, sometimes bright, and always irresistible.

Since 2012 Lecture has performed as support for acts like Adventure Club, Desert Dwellers, Getter, ill-Gates, J. Rabbit, Kicks 'n' Licks, Kill The Noise, Living Light, Mr. Bill, Ott, Phutureprimitive, R/D, Random Rab, Stickybudz, Wick-it the instigator, and many more.





Rotgut Whines combines soulful rhythms with energizing tempos and passionate storytelling to create their signature sound: Fingerpickin' Soul and Roll. Lead singer/guitarist Evan Manuel and drummer/backup vocalist Andrew Murphy prove wrong the old adage that there is more strength in numbers. Murphy's crisp beats and deep baritone voice provide the perfect supplements to Manuel's flying fingers and catchy melodies. First-time listeners are often shocked at the pair's ability to create the powerful sound some fans have described as "magic."

Though born on opposite coasts, the duo met in the Montana mountans in late 2014, when they became roommates and bonded over a shared love of music. Rotgut Whines was officially formed in April 2015 and, one year later, the bandmates moved to Missoula with plans to record their first album. Still roommates, the ease of their friendship is obvious on stage and creates an effortless vibe that captivates audiences. Their palpable energy and passion make it impossible not to get up and dance.




Spencer Ray Woods AkA WoodburN is from the City of Trees (Boise Idaho). WoodburN is hip-hops best-kept secret and at 36 he has a gift for lyrics that are unmatched in the rap game. WoodburN came from humble beginnings. His musical roots started out in coral music and with learning to play the violin at the age of 8 years old. After high school WoodburN had the opportunity to be apart of two metal bands; Basement and Evologic. These experiences taught WoodburN the work ethic he prides himself on today. WoodburN had the opportunity to tour all over the Northwest, Nevada, and California. 


Mr. Moo just moved to Missoula, and is bringing his infectious genre-bending blend of live violin, gypsy whomp, ethno dub, and world bass to Harvest Fusion. With guest appearances alongside Soohan, Thriftworks, the Human Experience, Yaima, and SaQi; and powerful sets rocking the dance floors of Oregon Country Fair, What the Festival, Symbiosis, and Burning Man, he relentlessly continues to evolve the Moo sound.

He has been awarded Breakout Artist of the Year, has been awarded Single of the Month, and has had his work syndicated from London to Toyko. His collaborators include a diversity of international talent including Moroccan/Dutch rapper MC Amine, ethnic dub producer Mettakin, and London record label Outtallectuals.

Armed with his violin, and an exhaustive collection of cutting edge sounds, Mr. Moo is poised to take dancefloors everywhere on a journey- weaving uptempo, downtempo, and everything in- between to bend reality into a new form.

Get ready to mooooooooove.





Atryp, (A Tripled) Represents me best when I am creating; Anthony Allen Armstrong - Come as I am, leave who I'm meant to be.




B3arB3ats was born a natural musician. From an early age he began mastering saxophone, piano, stringed instruments, and percussion. His greatest passion, however, can be found in the deep and energetic bass of electronic music - house, electro, dubstep and beyond.

Over the past few years he’s perfected the craft of mixing and has played most of the region’s festivals - Shine, Alien Abduction, Neon City, Pirate Party, and Mount Olympus. He’s a leading member of the Missoula Open Decks Society, and recently played the Definitely Wet New Year’s Eve Pool Party, Missoula’s sultriest New Year’s event. He’s opened for Phuture Primitive, Soulacybin, and is a part of Errl Sesh, a collective of talented Montanans. His love for music and breadth of experience has led B3arB3ats to the ranks of Montana’s most beloved dance instigators.




I am one of those people who believe that music could cure the world, not just change it but truly cleanse it and it's inhabitants. I'm just spreading love


R&B Soulful reggae infused band based out of Bozeman Montana





Living cells contain thousands of enzymes. Enzymes creates music for those cells...




Raised on bass music and art in the Western United States and Canada, I'm here now to share sound with you. I compose, improvise, produce, and perform with computers, synthesizers, loopers, mixers, sequencers, midi, voices, electric violin, and other instruments on stage.

I collaborate with Tri Music Records but am an independent artist, making all of my music and graphics. My sets can range from drum-less ambient music and folk music to heavy bass music to hyper-processed experimental music. I don't limit myself by genre and push the boundaries in my production and live performance.

As we journey through the world, through our minds, and into the future, subtle energies can make a huge difference in how we feel and the results of our actions. Music shapes the world more than many realize. My music is medicine, it is a journey, it is a perspective shift.

I create music that is for spiritual awakening, reflection, ritual, healing, self discovery, and dreaming.



Innovative and intellectual hip hop ripe with soul throughout



Paravoid, Ally and Trebor, curate dancefloors of all shapes and sizes. They find curious ways of creating a balance between nature and technology. The sun rises in the east, talents are increased, a perfect balance between beats and lyrics. No need to fear this. It's love.


Nintendeaux is the electronic music creation project of Tyson Lunn

Nintendeaux was created as an outlet to explore sampling and electronic music production in late 2012 and since then has evolved into playing live sets consisting of entirely original music, recording musicians, teaching, and engineering. In a world where it is so easy to distinguish music into genres, nintendeaux strives to create music that doesn't fit into a category.

Nintendeaux is currently a teacher for the class of 808 ( and a proud member of the Producer Dojo community and Montana Music scene.


Party Girl has been bringing her eclectic mix of trap, dubstep, and electronic remixes to the Bozeman and Montana area since 2011. Her fun and unique reputation has grown organically and rapidly over the past 7 years with shows all over Montana. Playing festivals like Neon City, Pirate Party, Harvest Fusion, and Snobar are just a few examples of her Montana demand. She has also opened for big names like Party Thieves, Riot Ten, Mayhem, Jayceeoh, Skizzy Marrs, and Barely Alive. 

As her name implies, Party Girl is ready to bring the party and keep you on your toes with her variety of mixes from deep house, top 40 remixes, and hip-hop inspired beats, to grimy, dirty, bass-heavy bangers.


PNUT BUTR is a 24 year old Bass Music producer based out of Missoula, Montana. Regionally recognized for her skill in creating soulful, bassy soundscapes, PNUT BUTR weaves provocative and moving storylines as both a professional DJ and enthusiastic composer. An active performer who has shared the stage with performers CLOZEE, Love and Light, Megan Hamilton and the Bermudas, SOOHAN, Kicks N Licks and Pumpkin, PNUT BUTR strives to engage with listeners across the Northwest.