Harvest Fusion is integrating

Ecological Awareness & Social Well Being

into Montana’s music and culture scene.

Medicine Pouch Farm and the Harvest Fusion team are working to bring the Greater Yellowstone area a community supported  high conscious event. Medicine Pouch Farm is a catalyst for educating people  about resiliency,  healthy living and Food security. Harvest Fusion is a celebration of this Vision and the community which makes it possible.  

Harvest Fusion is the Brainchild of Jack Crawford of Bozeman, Montana. Jack’s mother Mary and father Tom moved to Montana in 1992 with their five children to start a health retreat by Holland lake. Jack was only 2 years old at the time and the youngest of his siblings.  in 20…. his parents bought 160 acres in Manhattan MT 40 miles outside of Bozeman.  they called the land Medicine Pouch Farm and Jack began helping brainstorm how to make a living off the land in the new economic structure of rural America. The Crawfords envisioned a space for education, health, culture and community. Their vision has taken its first steps in the creation of the Harvest Fusion Festival and adoption of Permaculture Design and Ethics.


  • Supporting Montana Art & Culture by Creating a Safe Space for Creativity.

  • Foster Education and Sustainability by bringing some of the great minds of the Montana Community together.

  • Promoting Diversity among Plants and People through Permaculture ethics and Design.